Participant of the UNSG's Zero Hunger Challenge

Hunger has NO Religion, Color or Nationality

A community activist, Zamir Hassan founded a grass root movement to engage Muslim community in social action called “Muslims Against Hunger Project”. The program evolved into “FAITHS AGAINST HUNGER”. the  movement is a North American network of volunteer communities to help the hungry and homeless in our backyard. The Network’s underlying mission is to provide the means and the path to self-sufficiency to “Break the Bonds of Poverty”. and provide opportunities and support essentials to reducing, and hopefully, eliminating reliance on public and private assistance.

In 2011 Zamir started a mobile soup kitchen program known as the HUNGER VAN which brings food and other basic needed items to the homeless and needy in the streets. Volunteers gathers in the places of their choice like homes, faith institutions, schools, community centers, parks etc. and prepare meals which is then delivered with the HUNGER VAN to the needy in the streets. This project is creating active practitioners of “UNITY of FAITHS  by SERVICE”, to provide human services using volunteers across religious, political, and socioeconomic lines. doing this, we foster understanding and tolerance through SELFLESS SERVICE.